The Creation Of Hope

Last week I received a message from my pastor asking if he could use my story as part of his sermon. I asked if he just wanted to mention my story or if he’d like me to come share it personally. He became very excited at the opportunity to have me speak in-person, so I agreed.

I spent all of last week cycling between being excited and nervous. I even had a moment of sheer panic on Saturday night. .

Yesterday I shared my story and my journey of clinging to hope in church.

I have wanted to share my story for a long time. I am very passionate about grief, how to grieve and how to treat those who are grieving. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my story and my passion in a public forum.

After much prayer, I feel led to help others beyond just one-on-one counseling. I believe my story and my journey can benefit others. With a leap of faith and the support of my friends and family, I have decided to open myself up to speak to groups, churches, and support organizations.

The posted video is my first step down this path. Your prayers and your support is appreciated.

7 thoughts to “The Creation Of Hope”

  1. That had to have been crazy hard… bravo for sharing so that others will know that they too can survive and that God never abandons them no matter what! So touching!

  2. Teresa, your story is an amazing example of the truth that God never leaves us or forsakes us. His Spirit is evident in your words and there is no doubt in in my mind that you will be a great comfort to many people. My story of grief is the opposite of yours – I was 10 when I lost my Dad in a tragic accident. For some reason, at that time, people didn’t give any thought to the fact that children needed to grieve also. My hero was gone and no one ever spoke to me about him again. Thirty-five years later I was asked to be a part of the Flight Team (the crisis response team to school tragedies). Through their training I was finally given the tools to grieve and I was able to move beyond the pain. Grief counseling is valuable and important, may God bless you in your work and ministry.

    1. Gloria, thank you so much for your kind comments. I am so sorry you lost your Dad at such a young age. But I am glad you were able to finally grieve the loss. Thank you again for your comments.

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